Cataract Surgery

Randolph Eyecare Center provides Cataract Surgery in Randolph, New Jersey
Have you been thinking about life without cataracts?

Many people living with cataracts can go about their daily lives for quite some time. But as the natural lens of the eye becomes more and more cloudy, vision steadily deteriorates, and the only possible solution is cataract surgery.

During a very brief procedure, the compromised natural lens is replaced with an artificial implant called an intraocular lens (IOL). While this may seem quite scary, many patients are actually left with vision far superior to what they had, even before cataracts!

That’s because there are different kinds of high-tech implants such as multifocal and accommodating IOLs that can correct many age-related eye issues common to most cataract patients, giving sharper vision at a variety of distances.

At Randolph Eyecare Center, we make choosing the surgeon for your procedure easy. Our own Dr. Rick Walker, former Chief Resident of Ophthalmology, author, lecturer, and expert eye surgeon, treats every patient with the utmost care.

And it’s crucial to have a surgeon who exhaustively examines your eyes, medical history, and prescribed medications, as there are certain conditions like glaucoma and prescription drugs such as Flomax that can complicate cataract surgeries.

We perform these procedures in a surgery center, not a hospital, and provide round-trip transportation for our patients for a nominal $25 flat-fee.

So if you feel that it’s time for you to take your vision back and get rid of your cataracts, call our office today to set up a consultation with Dr. Walker.

Better eyesight and quality of life are just a phone call away.