Catalys® Precision Laser System

Catalys® Precision Laser System at Randolph Eyecare
Introducing the Catalys® Precision Laser System at Randolph Eyecare

Randolph Eyecare is proud to offer laser surgery to cataract patients.

Traditional cataract surgery is already one of the safest and most perfected procedures in modern medicine – but new technology creates even better solutions. Laser cataract surgery offers unrivaled precision, clinical accuracy and safety, which gives the absolute best outcomes to cataract patients. And part of being an exceptional doctor isn’t settling for near perfection. It’s a desire to redefine expectations entirely.

Dr. Rick Walker, Randolph Eyecare Center’s chief ophthalmologist, is doing exactly that.

Groundbreaking technological advancements have changed the science of cataract surgery and Dr. Walker is on the leading-edge in New Jersey and the United States. The new procedure replaces a traditional handheld blade with the Catalys® Precision Laser System. The result is a whole new level of patient care.

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The Catalys® system was developed specifically for cataract surgeries, thoroughly vetted by the FDA, and used by surgeons across the world in clinical trials and real-world operations; it brings the best of interdisciplinary medical advancements to cataract patients.

The procedure starts with advanced surgical software to pre-plan the surgery from start to finish, streamlining the time that patients are in the chair. The patient’s eye is gently engaged and surrounded by a soothing fluid, which aids in comfort during surgery and allows for faster post-procedure recovery. The surgeon can then see the entire eye in 360 degrees of high definition through a sophisticated form of ultrasound scanning for the eyes, called full-volume OCT. The surgeon can then place safety zones around important ocular structures, ensuring that the laser will only perform the necessary incisions. Lastly, the surgeon executes the procedure with unparalleled levels of precision and clinical accuracy: offering patients the most consistent positive results and final visual clarity.

A surgeon using the Catalys® system can make perfect incisions and perform capsulotomies with ideal diameters, positioning, and shape – every time. This critical step creates access to the cataract and allows the surgeon to safely remove it. The surgeon can then insert the artificial lens with absolute precision, which means better vision for the patient. Capsulotomy accuracy is especially important for people with advanced forms of cataracts, uniquely shaped eyes, or who have had previous eye surgeries.

Not only does the Catalys® system offer the most effective available treatment for cataracts, it also offers the gentlest. Traditionally, high levels of ultrasonic energy are used to disperse the cataract for removal. Catalys® softens the lens, requiring far less energy, so the overall procedure is less invasive and patients have faster and easier recoveries.

Dr. Rick Walker has completed rigorous certification in the Catalys® Precision Laser System and is a veteran LASIK and PRK surgeon with years of experience and thousands of successful procedures.

If you’re interested in using Catalys® surgery to improve your vision and quality of life, please contact our office today and schedule a consultation.

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